Ancient Cartagena

Learn the main facts in the history of a 3.000 year old city through the eyes of a local guide. Cartagena (Region of Murcia, Spain)

One of oldest cities in the spanish peninsula, Cartagena's history is indeed a rich one, and this audioguide allows you to discover its main facts, from its foundation by carthageneans in the year 229 b.C., to its taking over by Romans just 20 years later, starting by then a really long rule that would last up to the 4th century a.D. In your way you will find the remains of ancient monuments such as the Colisseum and the Theatre, while enjoying stunning scenic highlights such as the harbour and the hills which the city was built over. Ignacio Benedicto, a knowledgeable local guide, will provide you with the necessary clues for a full and detailed understanding of that amazing history.

Puntos (44 minutos)

  • 1

    Introduction to Ancient Cartagena Audio Tour

    A city with and long and rich history

  • 2

    Bottom of Panoramic lift

    Why was cartagena built on this location?

  • 3

    Top of Panoramic Lift

    What can we see from top of the tallest of the hills, after leaving the lift?

  • 4

    Views from the right side of Conception Hill

    The Ancient Colisseum & the 19th century Bullring

  • 5

    Views from the left side of the lift

    Remains of the Cathedral and the Old quarters from top

  • 6

    Philip the Second's Wall

    Descending the Hill

  • 7

    From the Roman Theatre's remains Main Vantage Point

    Who and why commissioned the building of the monument?

  • 8

    Second Vantage Point

    A different perspective of the remains and the the theater's main building materials

  • 9

    Byzantine Wall Exhibition Hall

    Remains of the Theater's Porticus

  • 10

    Into the city's old quarters

    Remains of the Via Augusta, first ones to be preserved

  • 11

    By the heart of the quarters

    Roman Forum's neighbourhood remains, last main findings in the city


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